Sunday, 31 August 2014

Reading XLSX on android 4 (Post 1)

All this hacking is getting redundant with Android Build Tools 21+ and Android 5, please see this post for details:

Yesterday I committed XSSF Android usage demo to github:
The idea is in cleaning jars poi-ooxml and poi-ooxml-schemas from everything which is not necessary to read XLSX format. (just use ZIP archiver to manipulate classes inside, it works well)
This demo already contains reduced poi-ooxml-3.10-reduced.jar and poi-ooxml-schemas-3.10-reduced-more.jar and short building instructions.
Yep, you should use --core-library option to build this project. poi-ooxml depends on xmlbeans and both of them depends on some javax classes which are not available in android. So I have to use StAX library.
UPD: no need in --core-library option any more!

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