Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Combine several Q objects programmatically with OR in Django ORM

Say we have dictionary coming from outside (from JSON, for example, containing some data to be used as OR clauses). It is possible to use __or__ to combine them programmatically.

from django.db import models
from operator import __or__ as OR
from django.db.models import Q

#... some code ...
clauses = [{'property':'name__exact','value':'andrew'},{'property':'name__icontains','value':'z'}, ... ]
or_params = []
for or_param in clauses:
    if 'value' in or_param.keys() and 'property' in or_param.keys():
        or_params.append(Q(**dict([(or_param['property'], or_param['value'])])))

Model.objects.filter(reduce(OR, or_params))

Many thanks to Calvin for right keywords

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Sencha: Catch all events of Observable

Very useful pattern to catch all events of Observable object in Sencha:
Ext.util.Observable.capture(object, function(){

This object might be Store, View, or whatever using Observable mixin. This may be useful to learn how the object work or to catch events before any other on/addListener listeners.

Arguments may wary but it contains at least two objects:
0: {String} always event name
1: {Object} object itself

This may contain other arguments such as Action, changed Model (for Store), String name of the action caused event, Array of changed fields (for Model and Store)

Store usage:
Ext.util.Observable.capture(store, function(){
    if (arguments[0]=='update') {
        // Your fancy code here

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Reading XLSX on android 4 (Post 3)

All this hacking is getting redundant with Android Build Tools 21+ and Android 5, please see this post for details:

More on reading XLSX on Android.

I renamed "javax" namespace to "aavax" in StAX sources and recompiled it. After that I replaced all strings 'javax/xml/stream', 'javax/xml/namespace' and 'javax.xml.strings' occurrences in other binaries(including ooxml-schemas) to appropriate strings with "aavax". Now it works without necessity to use --core-library option!

Two previous posts:

You can review demo project here:

You can download ported XSSX here:

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Reading XLSX on android 4 (Post 2)

All this hacking is getting redundant with Android Build Tools 21+ and Android 5, please see this post for details:

Further to my post from Saturday on reading XLSX on Android:

I shrunk dom4j, poi, poi-ooxml and xmlbeans into one jar with proguard. All classes not necessary for reading Excel files are seems to be removed. Proguard config follows:

-injars      {my IN jars mentioned above}
-outjars     poi-min.jar

-libraryjars {my dir with schemas}
-libraryjars {path to /jre/lib}
-libraryjars {path to /jdk/lib}


-keep class org.apache.poi.xssf.** { *; }
-keep class** { *; }
-keep class org.apache.poi.hssf.** { *; }
-keep class org.apache.xmlbeans.** { *; }

It works fine for reading and writing both XLS and XLSX files.

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