Monday, 23 February 2015

Eclipse hotkeys / shortcuts

These are useful shortcuts I always forget after a few weeks not using Eclipse:

Show shortcuts list: ctrl+shift+L

Spellcheck suggestions: ctrl+1
Quick fix suggestions: F2

Rename all occurencies: shift+alt+R
Open resource: ctrl+shift+R
Show Occurrences: ctrl+shift+U
Enable “Block”(rectangle) selection: alt+shift+A
Duplicate Line: ctrl+alt+UP

Select blocks of code: alt+shift+Up (each press selects block one level higher)
De-select blocks of code: alt+shift+Down (each press selects block one level higher)

type hinting (for dynamic typing languages): /* @var $varName \Type */

Preserve case replace:
ctrl+f (edit->find/replace)
tick "Regular expressions" check-box
Find: general
Replace with: \CSeparate

Here \C is a regex retain-case operator it will cause the following results of replacements:

Friday, 20 February 2015

Get document PDF preview in Alfresco

Alfresco is able to transform document types.
For example transform MSWord doc file into PDF

The quick way to access PDF preview (or of any other available type) is a ThumbnailService

An example:
import org.alfresco.service.cmr.thumbnail.ThumbnailService;
public class YourClass{
  ThumbnailService thumbnailService;
  public yourMethod {
      NodeRef documentNodeRef = new NodeRef(
      NodeRef pdfPreviewNodeRef = null;
      pdfPreviewNodeRef = thumbnailService.getThumbnailByName(
          documentNodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_CONTENT, "pdf"
      if (pdfPreviewNodeRef==null) {
        //generate a new PDF preview if one is not available yet
        pdfPreviewNodeRef = thumbnailService.createThumbnail(
            documentNodeRef, ContentModel.PROP_CONTENT,
            "application/pdf", new SWFTransformationOptions(), "pdf"