Tuesday, 31 March 2015

My git cheatsheet

Rebase changes from the master onto current branch

Fetch changes first
git fetch

git rebase origin/master

git push origin yourbranchname -f


Rename/move branch
git branch -m <oldname> <newname>


Add a tag
git tag -a v1.2 -m 'my annotation for v1.2'

Push the tag:
git push origin v1.2

Solutions other than normal merge / mergetool workflow

Hard reset to the origin
git reset --hard origin/branchname

Fixing diverge by deleting branch (loosing you changes)
Checkout master:
git checkout master

Delete diverged branch (dispose all local changes):
git branch -D branchname

Checkout branch back:
git checkout branchname

Fixing diverge by hard reset to some particular commit (loosing you changes)
git reset --hard g00dcmid
assume that you're currently at diverged branch and g00dcmid is a last commit before diverge
please be aware that it will revert all files in the INDEX and in the WORKDIR


revert a commit
git revert c0mm1tid
notice, that this will revert this particular commit, not revert to this commit

delete local commits
git reset --hard <commit or branch>


search in commit names
git log --all --grep='some stuff'
--all means - search in all branches

search in patches / diffs (Pickaxe)
git log -S "text to find"
it is also possible to add -p option to list actual diffs


show staged diff
git diff --cached

add only non white-space changes
git diff -w --no-color | git apply --cached --ignore-whitespace

Local User
Define a user for single repository:
git config user.email "your@mail.com"
git config user.name "Your Name"

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