Thursday, 14 January 2016

Tox - open source replacement for proprietary IM protocols (such as skype)

Tox is an open source instant messaging protocol supporting text, sending files,
video chats and so on.
qTox, ┬ÁTox, Antox, Toxic, Antidote and others
are open source clients for this protocol.

Available on Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS
and anywhere you ready to port it

Unlike Skype and ICQ Tox using decentralized DHT network for p2p communication.
User ID (hash) looks like

Tox FAQ:
Here's a list of Tox bootstrap nodes for DHT network:

There's also so called ToxDNS for shorter and human readable contact names.
It is possible to use 3rd party DNS or to establish own one:
(it is considered to be less safe than hash, however if you control own DNS it should not be a problem)

Link to the Tox Core repo: (crossplatform C)

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